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I had my sweet baby boy yesterday and it will be an experience I will always remember, not only because we welcomed our second son into the world, but because Kandice and Whitney from the Davis County Doulas were a part of it.

I had a set plan in my mind of how I saw my birth experience going and had my mind set on sticking with it after a traumatic birth with my first son. During the labor process things changed and my birth story took a complete turn from what I had expected to happen. I made a decision to change the place of my birth from my home to a hospital. This was a difficult decision, but Kandice and Whitney stuck with me every step of the way and helped guide me to having the most perfect birthing experience. They empowered me to follow my heart and trust my instinct. They let me lead the way, but stood firm next to me and supported me in any way I needed. Having them there was the most comforting and reassuring part of my labor. I will never forget the major role they played in welcoming my beautiful son into this world. 


“Whitney was amazing to have by my side in all stages of my pregnancy. I could text her at an time and she would ease any worries I had. Her classes were the first experience I had , as a first time mom. I had no idea where to start, and I just wanted to learn as much as possible. During class, she would teach me ways to relax, ways that my husband could help with labor, as well as what would happen to my body during labor. Classes helped me feel incredibly empowered when it came time for delivery. 

I chose to be induced at 40 weeks and 2 days. Whitney made me feel good about my choice and that it was my choice. During labor, Whitney helped me remain calm. She also helped my husband feel better about the whole situation. She was my advocate and did everything she could to get me the birth I had hoped for. 

After my sweet boy came into the world, Whitney helped me get the skin to skin time that I had been dreaming of. She also jumped in and assisted me as I fed my baby for the first time. I feel so lucky that I was able to have such an amazing doula. 


“Whitney’s class is the best! She teaches in a way that’s interesting and actionable.”

T & L

“Whitney was great! Super down to earth and great at answering questions. When I unexpectedly had to change from giving birth at a birth center to a hospital, due to high blood pressure, the hospital staff, as well as my family, could tell how much calmer I was through my labor. I have to attribute it to taking the HypnoBirthing classes. It gave me so much confidence and helped me feel comfortable having a voice in the birth of my baby. “


Whitney provided excellent support and was an incredible resource. Being able to give birth vaginally after having a cesarean with my first was really important to me. Whitney is very friendly and professional. She believed in me and cheered me on every step of the way. I was able to have a successful VBAC and the birth experience that I really wanted because of Whitney’s expert and compassionate care. Hiring Whitney was the best decision we made when preparing for our son’s arrival. I would recommend her doula services to anyone who attempting a VBAC or anyone who would like extra support as they are preparing for birth.”


“Whitney taught and helped me put into practice relaxation techniques that were absolutely vital to a safe birth and pleasant memories. I had planned for an unmedicated birth but ended up needing a c-section. However, I was extremely grateful that I had taken the HypnoBirthing classes from Whitney because I was able to have a family-centered c-section due to the education I received in the classes, and was able to use the breathing and visualization techniques to make the procedure extremely calm and pleasant. I had terrible anxiety throughout my pregnancy, but because of the HypnoBirthing classes combined with yoga practice, my anxiety was controlled and I am so happy about the entire experience! My husband said he was blown away when he walked into the OR because I had cultivated such a calm atmosphere in the room. Also, the relaxation breathing helped me to control my discomfort during an external cephalic version, and in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. Thanks Whitney!


“Whitney was my Doula just a few days ago for the birth of my sweet daughter. I am BLOWN away by how incredible she was to both my husband and I!! Our labor was already a complicated one (days of waiting after waters had broken, 24 hour active labor, hospital transfer,very emotional mama etc) and Whitney and her amazing back up Bonnie (who was there for only a couple hours as Whitney taught her class) were there for every single minute of it. She helped me through every contraction and was right there with me when I was pushing. She let my husband sleep through the night as she was a constant for every need I had. She has such a gentle touch, and was always so positive and encouraging when it came to every decision I made. If you are looking for a Doula, Whitney is your girl!!! We couldn’t have done it without her!! “


“Whitney’s class is the best! She teaches in a way that’s interesting and actionable.”

Troy & Lexi

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